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About Shining Stars of Europe IV

«Our World, Our Dignity, Our Future»

The Latvian and Luxembourg EU Presidencies 2015 and the European Commission invited all young minds to participate in the fourth edition of the Shining Stars of Europe Video contest, featuring the topic of the European Year for Development, “Our World, Our Dignity, Our Future”.

People from all over the world had the opportunity to make a short video clip of not more than 150 seconds showing a particularly fruitful development cooperation project, carried out by an organisation or designed by themselves. It was possible to either show one’s own ideas for a future development cooperation project, or to make a short documentary on an existing progressive development project in cooperation with an NGO.

An international Jury consisting of artists, writers, public officials and people active in the field of development selected the 15 best movies to be shown at the Finals. Out of these 15 finalists, 3 winners were selected through jury (40% voting weight), public (40% voting weight), and online voting (20% voting weight).



The Pencil Story‘ by Shariful Islam from Bangladesh

Rural development to fight desertification and defending handicraft and traditional knowledge‘, by Laboratorio Linfa, in cooperation with  ISIA – Design University (Rome), Embassy of Mali in Italy, IPR-IFRA Institut Polytechnique Rural de Formation et de Recherche Appliquée, and Koulikoro (Mali)

‘What if we took care of humans instead of caring about frontiers?’, by Alejandra Barrero, Melissa Barrero, Giulia Berstecher, Camilo Barrero & Andres Alejo, from Colombia and Germany, in cooperation with the German association ‘Dream Corner’

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