About Shining Stars of Europe II

‘Shining Stars of Europe II’ was the second edition of the video contest organized by the
Representation of the European Commission in Luxembourg, in cooperation with the
Information Office of the European Parliament in Luxembourg.

Many thanks to all participants who made SHINING STARS OF EUROPE II a great success! Your contributions will help to shape the future of Europe in a very positive way!

Voting counted as follows: 20% internet voting, 40% public voting at the event and 40% jury vote.

First prize: 1000 € Second prize: 750 € Third prize: 500 €

All prizes also included a travel in Europe to present your wish to European decision makers. In this respect, a maximum of 450 € could be reimbursed for travel and hotel costs as well as daily allowances.

And the winners are…

1. NA MINHA EUROPA by Ana Cristina Veloso Costa
3. MY WISH FOR EUROPE by Lidia Chia Jimenez
4. AND NOW WHAT? by Amanda Gielen & David Guardo
5. PENSA EUROPEO by Giuseppe Cugnata
6. YOUNG STARS OF EUROPE by Svitlana Romashko