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Author: Shariful Islam
Title: Let's Give Peace a Chance!
Description: We send our children to schools to learn science, commerce and arts. In some countries all young men and women, after reaching a certain age, must sign up to be trained on warfare. In other countries governments offer lucrative careers to those that volunteer to join the military. And there are many institutions that offer education, training and degree on designing and producing of arms to be used in wars. But what about peace? Why is there not a single institution from all across the globe dedicated to offering education and training to willing young men and women to become peace lobbyists, activists and promoters? Is peace not a priority? We want to create a platform where the youth would be empowered with knowledge, skills and training to create a more peaceful and tolerant world. First, they will learn self-control and how to be at peace with him or her own-self through reflective meditation and yoga. This would empower them to always be calm, and in the process become aspired role models to others! Second, they would learn how to resort to empathy and peaceful negotiations to resolve any and all disagreements on personal, national and international levels. Third, and last but not the least, they will learn to live at peace with their environment and fight in favor of her on both local and global stages. Since Earth is the only home we have, any peace without the preservation of her would be meaningless. And thus we will create a worldwide army of peace makers and peace activists who would live to eradicate all wars from the world. Let’s give peace a chance.
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